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Excerpt from press release
By Hesse McGraw

Noted for her seductive paintings of geodesic domes and
fantastical forests, Michelle Wasson’s dreamy tableaux coerce
idyllic landscapes and utopian structures onto the same picture
plane. Wasson’s speculative images are gorgeous; yet seethe a
kind of uneasiness due to their impossibility.

Although these “screen-like portals” exemplify the crumbling of the
technocratic utopian vision, by conjoining traditional painting with digital
processes, Wasson provides a novel escape. As she says,
“Linking human and digital memory, this process becomes the
passport to endlessly voyage the continuum between
infinite worlds of serene utopia and eerily ominous rapture.”

Built Against Site
Curated by Hesse McGraw

Paragraph Gallery
Kansas City, MO

Participating artists:
Anthony Baab, Erik Benson, Gabert Farrar, Sue Friesz, Angelina Gualdoni, Adam Scott, William Swanson, Michelle Wasson